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About This Natural Homemaking Blog

I’m Kristy; wife, mommy, and wearer of many hats.

Little Natural Cottage was born out of my passion to learn and share about healthy living, natural motherhood, whole foods, and an intentional, Biblical lifestyle.

If you’re looking for perfection or fluff, you likely won’t find it here.

I’m a straight-forward mama who needs to be real.


The Howard Family, October 2013
Me, my handsome man, and our five beautiful blessings. We are country-loving people, can you tell?


I’d like to think there is a method to the madness around here, but much like the gal who sits behind the computer, this blog is pretty spontaneous as far as topics go. Mostly, you’ll read about homeschoolinghealth and natural remedieswhole foods and gluten-free recipeschild-training, relationships and personalities, and just about anything else that pertains to being a wife and mom.

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51 Random Things About Me

1. On the color code, I’m Red.

2. People misspell my name a lot (it”s Kristy with a “K”, please).

3. I have five kids.

4. I homeschool the aforementioned kids, and let me tell you I’m not cut out for it!

5. I’m a pastor’s wife.

6. I grew up in a preacher’s home.

7. I traveled through most of the 50 states and lived four years in Guatemala and Mexico during my childhood.

8. I don’t like to admit it, but I’m pretty sure I have a Texas accent.

9. Three of my children were born at home with a midwife.

10.  Most of our family is gluten-free.

11. People usually assume that since I have five kids and I homeschool, I must be super patient.

12.  I’m not patient.

13. I’m married to a wise and wonderful Mr Steady guy.

14.  Motherhood is my career.

15. I have this dream to meet Elisabeth Elliot, Sally Clarkson, and Debi Pearl in person someday.

16. I gave up on making homemade bread years ago.

17. I know all about homeschooling a strong-willed child.  (So does my mom.)

18. I walked through a very dark valley of depression.  By God’s grace, I didn’t stay there.

19. I am a recent Charlotte Mason convert and host the My Father’s World Blogroll.

20. I wrote a chapter for Trust Your Intuition.

21. I’m a scatter-brained perfectionist, if that is even possible.

22. Our family lives in a big, old fixer-upper house on two acres.

23. Essential oils are my newest obsession.

24. I spend most days learning the hard way that I’m not Super Mom.

25. My three-year old is still not potty trained.

26. I compiled a series of menu planning ebooks.

27. I don’t always plan my own menu, but it sure helps when I do!

28. I believe every mother is equipped by God to be everything she needs to be.  In other words, no mother should feel insecure or inferior.  Ever.

29. In my spare time, I’m studying to earn my Family Herbalist Certification.

30. I don’t have any spare time.

31. It’s a rare thing for me to buy something brand new, and I pretty much never pay full price for anything (okay, except maybe groceries).

32. It took me years to learn that it’s more important to be real than perfect.

33. Learning to grind my own gluten-free flour literally changed my life (and, no, I’m not exaggerating!).

34. It feels like the end of the world if I have to go to the doctor or take medicine (I prefer natural remedies any day).

35. I tried Trim Healthy Mama for two months.

36. When our family was smaller, I budgeted $50 a week for groceries.

37.  I’m on the writing team at Bulk Herb Store blogRaising Homemakers, and Our Homeschool Forum.

38. I used cloth diapers for five years.

39. Our family doesn’t own a microwave or a television.

40. I have no sense of direction.  Whatever.

41. I honestly don’t think hymns or the King James Version are too hard to understand.

42.  I have a little mirror.

43. Nursing my babies doesn’t always come easily for me.

44. I will absolutely breastfeed in public if I have a nursing cover with me.

45. I do not think children are annoying.

46. I realize that I complain too much.

47. I think this is better than antibiotics.

48. I’m not a people pleaser, which can be both a good and a bad thing.

49. The Lord blessed me with two amazing Titus 2 mentors.

50. The Lord is teaching me a lot about hospitality these days.  I wish it came easily for me, but it doesn’t.

51. I wrote about being a homeschool mom in Homeschooling Day by Day.




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