Local Resources: Hardwick’s Nursery & Produce

Here’s another of my favorite local resources- Hardwick’s nursery and produce!  

I often refer to Hardwick’s as a “farmers’ market”, but it is actually the fruit of one family’s labors- Mike and Janna Hardwick, along with their son and daughter-in-law, Aaron and Meghann Long.    

Unlike a traditional “farmer’s market”, which is outdoors, Hardwick’s is a top-notch business with the homey feel of an old fashioned “general store”. 

The store is stocked with fresh produce, herbs, and plants grown on the Hardwick family’s farm in Rising Star, Texas.  What began as a fruit stand some fifteen years ago has grown into a robust business that now includes three store locations: Rising Star, Cross Plains and, most recently, Eastland, Texas. 

Hardwick’s is a fun place to shop!  Aren’t those barrels of produce cute??  :)

For nearly two years I have purchased our family’s fresh produce exclusively from Hardwick’s.  I consistently find their products to be fresh, delicious, and highly competitive with the local grocers.  Hardwick’s produce is grown locally without sprays and pesticides, which gives me the peace of mind of knowing I am feeding our family well- conveniently and at less cost!

In addition to a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, you will also find the following at Hardwick’s nursery: 

  • local, raw honey- small jars or by the gallon
  • farm fresh eggs 
  • frozen fruit & vegetables 
  • pure vanilla extract in bulk 
  • homemade preserves, jellies, pickles, relishes, etc. 
  • dried fruit 
  • “old fashioned” candy 
  • homemade soaps and body products 
  • raw nuts (whole and shelled) 
  • seeds 
  • gardening supplies and tools 
  • organic gardening supplements
  • herbs, flowers, shrubs, trees- plants of all kinds!
  • yard/garden furniture and decor   

I’ve never walked through the doors at Hardwick’s and not been met with a smiling face and friendly service.  In fact, I rarely ever carry my own purchases to my vehicle!  :)  

If you live in driving distance of a Hardwick’s store, I definitely encourage you to switch your shopping and reap the benefits of locally grown products.  You won’t regret it!

Meghann Long- always friendly and helpful! 

Hardwick’s Nursery (Eastland):
701 West Main
Eastland, TX  

Hardwick’s Nursery of Eastland
Hardwick’s Nursery of Rising Star

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