Medicinal Mushrooms Overview

When you think about mushrooms, you might think about the ones that you add to your favorite pasta dishes or that you sautee as a side dish for steaks or other foods. However, one thing that you might not know about is medicinal mushrooms. Once you learn a little more about medicinal mushrooms and give them a try, you might find that they are truly life-changing for you.

What are Medicinal Mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms are mushrooms that either produce or can be induced to produce metabolites. These metabolites are used for many different medicinal purposes.

It has been documented that people have been using mushrooms for medicinal purposes for many years. For example, they were used for medicinal purposes in ancient Greece. Even though they aren’t as popular in the United States right now, a lot of people make use of them for medicinal purposes. As more and more research is being done, there is more of a possibility of them becoming even more popular.

Here is mycologist (mushroom expert) Paul Stamets on mushrooms as medicine:

What are the Most Popular Types of Medicinal Mushrooms?

One thing that you might not realize is just how many different types of mushrooms that are out there. In fact, there are more than 150,000 different types of mushrooms out there. However, only approximately 14,000 of them have been identified. Luckily, there are people out there who are doing a lot of hard work to identify even more types of mushrooms.

Of the 14,000 different types of mushrooms that have been identified, there are some varieties that are more popular for medicinal uses than others. For example, you might think of shiitake mushrooms and the way that they taste in some of your favorite dishes, but you might not realize that siitake mushrooms actually have medicinal benefits as well.

Another popular type of medicinal mushroom is the lion’s mane mushroom. Lion’s mane is a popular variety both because of its many medicinal benefits and its unique and attractive appearance, which is similar to the look of a lion’s mane.

What are the Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms?

Even though you might be interested in medicinal mushrooms, you could still be a bit unsure of what they can do for you. The truth is that different mushrooms have different properties and benefits.

For example, some types are actually said to be helpful for treating cancer. Some types simply provide you with antioxidants. You may also find that mushrooms will help promote brain function, help with brain help, help with digestion and so much more.

As you can see, medicinal mushrooms have a lot to offer. Once you do your research and learn a little more about them, you might find that you want to give them a try. Then, you can enjoy the many great benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

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