4 Natural Products to Grow in Your Cottage

As the first post of this blog, we feel it’s best to help you to outfit your own little natural cottage. Even though we have been living on a small piece of land for a very long time, it is not something that is always easy or simple. It is always rewarding, however.

Most people don’t realize that the things we grow in our little cottage can never sustain us food wise, but may just help us to get through some of the harsh winter conditions that we face. In this article, we are going to share 4 of the natural products we suggest everyone grow in their little cottage (especially if they’re living in the northern climates!)

Natural Produce for Your Cottage

Everyone we speak to about their natural garden finds different answers and how can we blame them. There are thousands of plants that we can grow in order to improve our garden, but there are not always many solutions for this to happen in an easily and sustainable way.

With the list of 4 specific natural solutions, we are going to hopefully make your life a lot easier and better at the same time.

#1. Basil – If you have ever consumed pesto you know how good it can be. A few pine nuts, a bit of olive oil, and you have one of the finest natural sauces that can go with just about any meat imaginable. Anyone who is not producing basil is missing out on a fantastic opportunity to improve their diet.

#2. Rhodiola root – even though this might not be a great tasting root (believe us, rhodiola root extract tastes like dirt) it might not be a bad idea to grow some of this if you are living in the cold climates. This plant is commonly used by people who live in cold wintry climates, such as Scandinavia and Russia (Siberia mostly).

Most of the people who are using rhodiola root find that it is a powerful adaptogen, which improves their focus and concentration while improving other aspects of their mental state. Rhodiola is definitely a good way to go.

#3. Bacopa Monnieri – even when people spend a long time with plants like bacopa monnieri, it is hard to tell whether it is making a real difference. This is one of the Ayurvedic Indian herbs that has a long history and track record in many parts of the world (including the east).

The majority of people who are using bacopa in order to improve their cognitive performance find it is a useful tool (and very simple to grow!)

#4. Medicinal mushrooms – there are many within this last category, but they are so simple to grow in or outside of your cottage. Many of the top nootropics are created with medicinal mushrooms in order to improve immunity, boost anti-cancer cells, and have a host of other benefits as well.

One common new Qualia supplement review considers that there are numerous different functions and a host of people can always find benefits in places that you wouldn’t expect them. We consider lion’s mane, cordyceps and similar medicinal mushrooms to be the best.