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This summer, I took a 30-day Trim Healthy Mama Challenge, hoping to drop some of my post-pregnancy weight.  Serene and Pearl’s amazing recipes and “plan” for healthy eating helped me get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes (well, some of them anyway!).


Because of our busy summer schedule, however, I didn’t keep up with THM after the 30-day challenge was over… but now I’m back and very determined to take care of my post-pregnancy health!



My sister and I just finished The Fuel Cycle Week!

If you’re familiar with Trim Healthy Mama, then you may already know that chapter twenty-eight outlines a fat-smashing, calorie-burning, metabolism-boosting FUEL CYCLE WEEK!


The 7-day Fuel Pull is not for the weak of heart!  It starts off with a satisfying bang (3 “deep S” days), but quickly gets tough as you move into the Fuel  Pull and “deep E” days.




The good news: The Fuel Cycle is very effective at burning fat and pulling off pounds!











Since I am breastfeeding our infant son, I took a few liberties and added a bit of fat and extra carbs during the intense “fuel pull” and “E” days last week.  (Right now, keeping a rich milk supply for my baby is more important than losing weight.)



My milk supply never diminished, and even with my minor “cross overs” I still lost 4 to 5 pounds of post-pregnancy weight in just seven days.




If you are interested in doing The Fuel Cycle week, I compiled my menu plan, helpful links and resources, a few of my own Trim Healthy Mama-approved recipes, and a grocery shopping and pantry list.  You can download it for free right here.





My Trim Healthy Mama menu plans are designed to be used along with Serene and Pearl’s book.  The menu plans do not include Trim Healthy Mama recipes (unless it is a recipe I created or tweaked myself), just a handy menu to get you started.  If you don’t already own a copy of Trim Healthy Mama, you can order one right here!





If you haven’t already done so, be sure you join the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook group!  You can find tons of recipes and ideas for Trim Healthy Mama living over there!


I’m looking forward to another month eating the Trim Healthy Mama way!



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  1. Renee Southern says

    I too cannot download this Fuel Pull Cycle Week plan and wanted to start this. Could you email it to me to print out. Thanks so much.

  2. Annie Fox says

    I have tried downloading your fuel cycle menu and cannot print it for some reason. I have also tried your other menu plan pages and am unable to download them. If you have the time could you please email me a pdf version so I can print them. Thank you very much, I am hoping to start the fuel cycle tomorrow.

  3. Angela says

    I have been trying to download your link. I’m new to Trim Healthy Mama. I have downloaded the book on my ipad but I’m also trying to create myself a notebook for information. Can I get a link to your download or can you send me something so I may print it? Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    • Kristi says

      Me too? I also can’t use acrobat, would you email a Pdf? Thank you for making this menu plan available for us newbies, God Bless

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